“We hope you come and see
exactly where your milk is coming from”

We milk 260 cows here at Reed’s Dairy and we love every one of them. We do not inject our cows with any type of artificial hormone to increase their growth or milk production.

We believe Mother Nature has the perfect plan for providing all of us with milk.

We start milking our cows at noon and midnight. It takes around eight hours to milk all of the cows. Each cow is brought into the milk barn where their udder is washed and then they are milked. It takes about 15 minutes to milk a cow. 

After being milked they are then returned back to their corral.

Everyone is welcome to come and see our cows and watch them being milked. The baby calves are the most popular attraction at the dairy. 

You can pet the calves and feel how soft and smooth their new hair is.

We have a picnic area with lots of shade and grass. So, come and spend some time at our farm. You and your family will have a great time.