There are two interesting problems happening at your local dairy. Let’s bring you up to date on what is going on.

October 25th, 2007

Reed’s Dairy is working hard to bring you affordable, all natural milk.

Problem One: Got Milk?? No We Don’t!!!

Since we only bottle milk from our own cows we have a limited amount.  We often talked about what we would do if we sold more milk than we produced; never thought it would happen.  We considered finding milk that was the same as ours, no artificial hormones, no antibiotics and the cows given the ultimate care.  As I searched around we did find some milk that was what we needed; although, it turns out that milk in this valley is short.  Not enough to take care of all the demand for cheese and other dairy products.  Dairy co-ops have contracts all over the western states and there is not enough to fill those contracts.  So there is no milk we could even purchase.

Many people have asked why we have run out of milk.  It was only a few months ago we were selling over a thousand gallons of bulk raw milk a week to another cheese plant.  I believe what has happened is all of us are more concerned about the food we are eating.  We want to get back to real food with nothing artificial in it.  Since our milk fits into this category our sales have increased to the point we are using all the milk we have.  Each of you want pure, all natural milk and that is why you are buying Reed’s Dairy milk.

We are spreading our milk around as much as we can.   I had a suggestion to put a big milk meter on the side of our building showing how much we had!  Probably will not install the meter but we will do all possible to provide you the milk you need.  We have over twenty cows that are calving in the next 20 days.  That means we will be able to start milking them which will give us some more milk.  We will keep you posted on our milk situation.

Problem Two: Higher feed prices, bottle prices, everything seems to be going up.

Over the past eight months we have seen the price of corn more than double.  We feed lots of corn every day.  The other feed products that we use have also increased dramatically.  Besides the feed cost we also have seen the price of the milk bottles increase over 60%.  We received two price increase notices within the past ten days.  Oil goes up and the price of our petroleum based bottles increases. 

The other factor that has caused a real struggle is the increase in minimum wage.  We are  paying all of our fulltime employees considerably more than the minimum wage and even our student employees were above that amount.  When the increase happened, we had to raise our pay scale for the lower paid part time help.  This resulted in a tremendous increase in payroll.

This is why you have seen price increase after price increase.  It makes me frustrated.  We will keep doing all we can to provide you with our all natural milk and keep the price affordable.



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