Once Again the Food and Drug Administration Tries to Play God with Your Food

November 7th, 2008

The FDA is expected to approve milk
and meat from cloned animals
within a few days.
  Over the past six years the FDA has been wrestling with the questions of whether milk and meat from cloned animals is okay to eat. The Wall Street Journal announced the FDA is expected to declare the approval within the next few days.  What???
 Is there any out there now??
 I have read hundreds of articles concerning the testing of cloned animals and what has happened to them.  Besides their muscle structure diminishing as they age and other problems I was shocked at the thought of milk and meat on the market already from cloned animals.  The FDA had a voluntary ban selling milk and meat from cloned animals.  Most people doubt that milk from cloned dairy cows has not been sold with a dairies regular milk.
A closed herd like Reed’s Dairy guarantees you nothing from cloned animals.
A closed herd means we do not purchase any milk cows from anyone else, we raise all of our own milk cows.  Because we have been a little short on milk, many people have asked why we don’t buy more cows to get more milk.  This is why, we like a closed herd because we know exactly where our cows came from and they are healthy.  There are very few closed herds in the United States and to your advantage we are one of them.
You know the milk from Reed’s Dairy has not and will never come from cows that have been cloned.  Our customers tell me over and over how important it is for them to have natural food and to know where it comes from.  That is why they buy Reed’s milk.  We truly are the local Farmers Market for your milk.
How about a cloneburger for dinner?
We raise several of our own steers that we send to the butcher for our meat.  I also want to know where my meat is coming from.  If you want to have the same advantage we have on the farm with our meat give us a call.  For some reason we have a few extra steers right now that you could also have butchered.  All of the meat from a whole cow to much for your freezer?  Find friends or family members to split one with you.  We will be happy to haul it to the butcher for you.  Then you will know where your meat came from just like we do.

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