Reed’s Skim Milk

December 27th, 2008

The other day I was in a sporting goods store, doing a little of my Christmas shopping (for me!!), and someone ask me, “Why is your skim milk so good?”  This is a question I am asked several times a week, so here is the answer.

There are three basic components of milk, the cream or fat, the non-fat solids (they contain your non-fat vitamins, minerals, protiens, etc) and water.  In order to have skim milk you must take out the fat.  In order to have great tasting skim you must leave the non-fat solids in the milk.  This way you have real milk taste, nutrition and white milk, not blue looking milk.

To leave the non-fat solids in the milk we separate our milk while it is cold.  This takes special separator and a lot more work.  Most of the milk companies separate their milk in the middle of the pasturization process when it is hot.  By doing this you remove the cream and also a majority of the non-fat solids.  Does not make the best non-fat milk.  We go to the extra work of separating the milk when it is cold becuase is leaves the non-fat solids in the milk and makes great milk.

Also our own cows make a big difference.  We can feed them the best feed and mix the ration so they produce lots of the non-fat solids in their milk.  At our farm it is all about the cows.  They are the workers and we take really good care of them.

 If you have not tried our non-fat or skim milk you must.  You will know why I get letters all the time from people saying it is the only skim milk they will buy.

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