Happy New Year from Reed’s Dairy

January 1st, 2009

Well here we are, another year has flown by and we start a new one which will probably go faster than the last. Wasn’t it just coming up on 2000 and we were all worried about all of our computers crashing.  Seems like yesterday.

Last nigh we had a few friends over for a New Years Eve party.   Worked real hard to keep the party going until midnight so we could see the new year come in.   Now you can guess my wife and I, and our friends are over 40!!   Okay, okay maybe over 50.   Ha Ha

As I ponder this coming year I want all of you that support Reed’s Dairy how thankful we are for you.    I know we are still in business because of a very loyal group of customers.   This past year has been a challenge because of the price of fuel, hay and grains.   We can make it through things like this because of your support.

We promise to continue to provide farm fresh milk from local cows that are not injected with anything.   We want milk the natural way and I am sure you do also.

Thank you for supporting your local cows and have a great New Year.



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