“Nutritional Facts about Milk!”

Better Nutrition From Fresh Milk

Milk from Reed’s Dairy is not hauled hundreds of miles before it reaches your refrigerator. Generally, milk is hauled from the farm miles and miles to the plant where it’s bottled. Then it must be hauled hundreds of miles to the store.

It’s days before you are able to purchase your milk. Reed’s milk is delivered to our customers within hours from the time it comes from the cow.

Our milk is pumped from the milking barn, to the bottling area, then loaded on our trucks and delivered to your door, never being exposed to any light, which can destroy precious vitamins.

All types of light, florescent or sunlight, can sap the Vitamin A and riboflavin (Vitamin B2) from milk. In fact, dozens of scientific studies over the past 20 years have documented light’s harmful impact on vitamins.

Your family will benefit from a better glass of milk, delivered to you from Reed’s Dairy.

No rbST Hormones in Reed’s Milk

Since we are the only dairy in Southeastern Idaho which bottles its own milk, we can totally guarantee our customers there is none of the synthetic hormones in our milk. Reed’s milk is the only milk that can make this guarantee.

FDA has tested rbST for many years on cows. They say its safe and there is no difference in the milk. We are not saying they are right or wrong. We have had some food scientists express concern about using rbST. We feel the consumer should be able to make a choice. Reed’s milk is absolutely free of rbST!

This means your children will be able to have pure, wholesome milk. Receiving all the nutrition your kids need without the worry of the effects of rbST. With Reed’s milk you now have a choice.